Sunday, 25 October 2009

Research II: Further research on my characters

Carl from Disney Pixar's UP:

Zookeeper reference characters:

Zookeeper/ Janitor Characters:

Reference for Facial Characteristics:

Traditional Scottish Men:

Old Images Of Zookeepers:

Zookeeper Images:

Research for Wee Eck McGlone:

Beast From Disney's Beauty And The Beast: (Glen Keane's Work)

Disney's Tarzan: (Glen Keane's Work)

Gorillaz Band:

Sully From Disney Pixar's Monsters Inc.:

Optimus Prime Beast Wars Transformers:

Nintendo's Donkey Kong:

More reference from King Kong:

Some other reference from random artists approach on Gorillas:

Reference pictures of Gorillas at London Zoo that I've taken:

Gorilla Expressions:

Gorilla pictures from the net:

Research For Cornelius Gorilla:

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