Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Development Drawings/ Final Designs:

Final Design for Wee Eck McGlone :

Thinking about expressions for my character:

I used Wario coz he has interesting shape of face & facial characteristics similar to Carl from Up which I wanted to try to incorporate in my final idea.

Wee Eck McGlone Development Drawings:

A Little Clay Experimentation:

Final Design:

Final idea design:

Expressions and style

Trying to think more simplified.. shape wise & characteristics

About his character: Well I look at Brian Griffin from "Family Guy" as for the gorilla's personality features or appearance, who has an intellectual character as an animal. Tried using that on some characters which didn't really work for me.. but then again i wanted my gorilla to stand out by it self and not by any props such as: glasses, ties, hat or anything else.. I want him to be unique for what he is.. A strong animal, who's sharp thinking!

Expression / facial drawings:

I studied the gorilla's anatomical skeleton as well as the way it moves, and drew it to help me get a better understanding on how I'd create my own character. i.e. Were & how would his weight shift, to have an idea of how his body structure looks like & how it would function (Rigging reference).

Cornelius Development Drawings:

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