Sunday, 8 November 2009

Maya Work:

My Zookeeper UV mapping: Too me a long time trying to put all the pieces together cause it was such a mess when I started, but yeah this the finished version. I must admit it was much easier the second time and I mange to do it all by myself, so I'm quite proud of what I've accomplish.

And of course final touch for my modeling was the kilt which I used a cylinder sided it to his waist and delleted the top and bottom faces of it and then attached it to his waist. I also created those 6 little objects that go in front of his sporran (which is his little pouch).

Finally we getting there.

His hair gave me a lot of trouble trying to decide on how it would look on the back and whether or not it was all symmetrically tidy

Attaching the head to the body.

Building up the head for me wasn't a easy task I had a lot of difficalty trying to get it the right shape. I use a cube and wasn't sure about my subdivitions as I was trying each time to get it right I even rotated it but it made it worse for me to model. I had to do the head about 5 time before I got it to look a right.. Aarr=@.. Maya!!!

Starting my Zookeeper.. Beginning: Luckly having practise on my gorilla first it wasn't as difficult for me to build up my second model and manged to do all of it myself which at the end of the day makes you feel good about yourself having accomplishing something that you fear.

Mapped Gorilla.. First time I UV mapped I found it so hard but with Farhan's help and guidance I manged to get it done as well as learn on how to actually do it. It really like a puzzle if you think about it's just knowing on where to put the right pieces in the right place. Also it could also be considered as dissecting because you also cut pieces and place them in with the right parts that suit the way you wanna map.

Feast upon his magnificent beastly structure...!!!!

Attach the hand (trying to get it in the right position)

Half of him almost done, now to attach the had that I made..

Starting my gorilla: first stages
I must say when I first started to model my Gorilla I found it very hard cause I wasn't sure about on the way I would model him would I be using different shapes attaching them together and then shaping them but then I remembered last year with Dan Dali showing as how to model half of the body and starting of with shaping and building the rest bit by bit.. Having Fahran & Steve on my side at the beginning really help me to understand modeling better and enjoy it more it wasn't very easy at first but later got the hang of it. Thanks guys..!!

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