Monday, 16 November 2009

Expirimatation on Mudbox:

This is Autodesk's Mudbox for those who don't know I haven't used it much but I've had fun playing around with it on my Gorilla character as you can see from the images. I've add extra volume, carved into & out of him, smoothed him and off course builded up his mussels, so he looks even more wicked. Unfortunately being all stupid and not knowing I UV mapped then coloured and thought I could of textured wants I would have finish with it but I was to late now so I didn't get to textured the way I wanted cause of lack of time. But I at least experimented in Mudbox. I also did try using Zbrush but found the interface less friendly compared with Mudbox, so I experimented more on it then Zbrush. But I know the reason is that it's because Zbrush has more tools then Mudbox that's why it looks even more complicated but is far more superior!!

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